Open scroll

A second step taken by the collaborative duo was to spatialize the resulting scrolls in their full scale. Through a series of installations which we called ‘Open Scroll‘, Biface Graphy exit the literati’s studio enclosed universe and invaded man-made architectures and open air landscapes. Hundreds of meters of soft silken scrolls were displayed outdoors, far from the two-dimensional surface of traditional calligraphy. To this day, scrolls have been opened in Xijiang village (Guizhou province 2011), Bishan Temple of Confucius (Chongqing Municipality 2011), Mount Taihang in Linzhou (Henan province 2012), Great Wall at Jinshangling (Hebei province 2013), as well as several traditional exhibition spaces (Chengdu Biennale, China Academy of Art, Venice Arsenale, Venice Lido Gran Viale, Brussels Palais de Justice, Paris Buttes-Chaumont, Venice Magazzino del Sale, etc.).